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4 Week Black Wealth Academy

They Don't Teach Wealth Building in Standard Schools

Unfortunately the 12 Empowerment Steps of Dr. Claude Anderson are not taught in school. The principles of Think and Grow Rich are not found in the text books. It is up to parents and community leaders to educate our youth on wealth principles and knowledge they need to live their best life! In this course your scholars will be exposed to the  thought leaders of wealth and entrepreneurship. They will not learn this in school so we created this course.

Culturally Responsive Learning Environment

Our lead instructor, De'Von Truvel, has been an educator for nearly 10 years working with Middle School, High School, and College level scholars. He is a highly engaging instructor who blends Black History and Experience into the curriculum. Black History should be taught beyond February. 


Average Net Worth of White American


Average Net Worth of Black American


Are You Teaching Your Scholars to Build Wealth?


Of Students felt Comfortable - Very Comfortable talking about money after the Course


Of Students had a vision for their future after the Course

Black Wall Street The Board Game
Black Wall Street The Board Game Board and Money
Black Wall Street The Board Game Second Edition
Black Wall Street The Board Game Second Edition
Black Wall Street The Board Game Second Edition
Black Wall Street The Board Game Back Image
Black Wall Street The Board Game Business Cards
Black Wall Street The Board Game Second Edition
Black Wall Street The Board Game uses real historic businesses

Black Wall Street The Board Game Second Edition

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Remember. Relearn. Rebuild.

Black Wall Street The Board Game is the new fun way for you to increase your Financial Literacy and Black History Knowledge AT THE SAME TIME!

This game was inspired by the real businesses and events from Tulsa's Black Wall Street one of the most economically successful communities in American History.

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How Do You Play?

Players roll dice to move pieces around the board. As you move you will land on Businesses and have the choice to "Use" the business as a customer or "Buy" the business and become an entrepreneur. Players can reinvest in businesses purchased to create LLCs and Corporations to make more money!

Buy or use Businesses it's up to you but if you want to win you better invest!

What's New?

We spent a lot of time gathering feedback from our community to make this version of Play Black Wall Street the best yet! With a bigger board, better quality money, and added educational resources we know you're going to love it. Check out our blog post for more details on how we have updated the game. 

Who Can Play?

This is a family-friendly game but there is math and strategy involved. We suggest players be ages 8 and up to play independently. Play Black Wall Street is a great way to get Parents, cousins, and friends all around the table.

What are you waiting for? Get your game today!



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Your Instructor

De'Von Truvel created Black Wall Street the Board Game in 2017 as a tool to increase financial literacy and awareness of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. He is an engaged Educator, Published Author, and proud Nerd ready to make learning about wealth building fun!

Educare University

Your Bonuses

We thank you for making this investment into your family and your loved ones. By investing in this course you will get short term and long term returns. See Below for the short term!
1. Black Wall Street the Board Game 2nd Edition
2.Bonus Black History Content
3. Initiation to Pitch Competition

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Your Schedule

We understand you and your scholars have busy schedules so for the first time ever we will be recording each session and making them available for replay within our Educational portal. You can join live and engage or watch on the replay and engage with the discussion online. Or Both!

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Starting at ONLY $67 Today. See you in class!

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