Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022
Greenwood Adventure July 2022

Greenwood Adventure July 2022

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In 2021, we got to visit Tulsa's Black Wall Street (aka Greenwood), and it was an absolutely amazing experience. The experience was transformational for our team and helped us get focused on our personal and community goals. Watching a documentary or reading a book is one thing, walking the streets of Black Wall Street is another!

This year, we are going back, and this time we want to bring you with us! This trip will be educational, family-friendly, transformative, and a family fun trip you will not want to miss. Purchase your ticket today.

Our Trip Last Year!

If you are interested in joining this immersive Greenwood Adventure experience purchase your Ticket today.

Who is this Trip For?

  1. Homeschooling Families interested in an educational trip.
  2. Educators and community members who are interested in learning more about Black Wall Street.
  3. Black History Nerds!
  4. Play Black Wall Street Community members who want to build memories.

What are the Dates?

Arrival Date July 29 - Departure Date August 1st

What is included?

  • All Play Black Wall Street Scheduled Activities (See Agenda in pictures)
  • 3 Community Meals (See Agenda in pictures)
  • Play Black Wall Street Swag Bag
  • Pictures and Videos

When will we get our Swag Bag?

Swag bags will be passed out to all attendees on July 30th.

What are the ticket types?

Adult - For ages 13 and up. This ticket comes with a Swag Bag, 3 Meals, a Second Edition of Black Wall Street the Board Game, and access to all activities.

Child - For Ages 12 and below. This ticket comes with a Swag bag, 3 meals, a Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney Book, and access to all activities.

What is not included?

  • Your Flight
  • Your Hotel Accommodations (We Recommend booking your stay at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Tulsa. There is not a code or block of rooms this year)
  • Daycare services (Parent or guardian must be present to supervise minors)

What Will we do doing?

Check the pictures to view the agenda.

  • Tour of Greenwood
  • Visit the Greenwood Rising Historical Center
  • Visit the Greenwood Cultural Center
  • Family Fun Bowling NIght
  • Support Local Shops and Restaurants
  • Family Game time

Will There be Free time?

Absolutely! There will be free time or family time throughout the trip for you to explore, rest, or do other family activities.

Does Everyone Need a Ticket?

If you are coming with your family or a group of friends everyone must purchase a ticket. The ticket funds are going towards paying for activities, tours, and meals. Only exception is for infants ages 2 and below.