Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney Coming Soon

Play Black Wall Street is proud to announce our first animated short film. We will be transforming our recently published children’s book, “ Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney: Greenwood “, is a family fun animated film! We are excited about this new venture and will be releasing the project in two stages. Please keep reading for more information.

A Black History Adventure for your kids to enjoy! 

De'Von Truvel, Sinclair, and Laura working on Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney

Quick background  of the Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney. Rose and her little brother Rodney are given a magical treasure chest that allows them to travel through time. On their adventure, they meet a new friend Mabel B Little, live a day in Tulsa's Black Wall Street, and discover gifts of their own. This is a playful adventure with endless possibilities.

Our goal is to continue to create projects that uplift Black History and Teach valuable lessons. In this animated film  we'll be tackling Black History Figures, Introducing young readers to Tulsa's Black Wall Street, The Power of Discovering Your Unique Gift, The Importance of Ownership, and Generation Wealth

This book is brought to you by:

 De'Von Truvel, the creator of Black Wall Street The Board Game. In the book and in the game, you will learn about some of the real businesses from Tulsa's Black Wall Street.his is a perfect bedtime or Storytime book to expand the imagination of your loved ones.

De'Von Truvel author of Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney


Phase 1 - Minimum Viable Product

Just like we teach out students in class we are going to start off with an MVP version of the cartoon. This will be released in March or Early April to a small select audience. This is to gain feedback on the production, story, and intended impact of the film. To stay up to date about the details of the first screening complete this short form.

Delton and Tyonna Walker working on Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney


Phase 2 - Official Release

After we have collected feedback from a small audience we will take the time to make any needed changes to the film. Once those changes have been made we will do an open release of the film to the public and at select in person events. Please complete the form previously shared to ensure you receive all updates.

Phase 3 - Sequel

There is an s at the end of Black History Adventures. We have more in store for Rose and Rodney! Follow the Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney as they travel through time learning their history and discovering their future.

Possible Thoughts

  • Live Film Screening (Pending Public Safety Recommendations)
  • Limited NFT Drop with special invitations
  • Shirts and Backpacks

Are you excited about our new project? What tips do you have for us as we embark on this new journey? Leave Your comments below.

We Will Rebuild.

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Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney: Greenwood and Tulsa's Black Wall Street Kindle Edition

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