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Black Studies and Black Excellence

We have launched a brand new video series on Instagram and Youtube called Black Studies Snacks! This post will review the new video series and what it has to offer you or your scholar. If you have ideas or suggestions you can comment below. You can see a sample of one of our snacks below!

Purpose of Series

Black Studies Snack will provide you with bite-size Black  History and Black Studies lessons via youtube and Instagram. The purpose is to provide our community, with a focus on 12-18 year old scholars, more Black History knowledge. These will be short form videos less than 5 minutes that will later be combined to form a full series. If you are interested in official guided courses based on these videos don't worry they are on their way! Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date.

Posting Schedule

Videos will be posted on Instagram @playblackwallst and our new Play Black Wall Street Youtube channel every week. If you are not already following and subscribed click the links to make sure you don’t miss some melanated goodness.

Black Studies Topics

All topics will be connected to Black Studies and/or the African Diaspora. We also want to cover more intersectionality between cultures, economics, and history.Some of the topics on the schedule are listened below but we are always open to suggestions from our community! 


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We want to make Black Studies and empowering information more accessible for our community. I didn’t take my first African American Studies course ,where I was introduced to Black Wall Street, until college! What if I had this knowledge in middle school? Could I have created the game 15 years earlier? Knowledge of self is power and will lead to opportunities. All communities are welcome in these virtual educational spaces to learn about Black/Afrikan Diaspora History.

Join us each week on Instagram or Youtube to learn Black History from a Black perspective.

Black Studies Snacks are waiting for you!

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