Black Wall Street Background

Black Wall Street Background

Northern Tulsa's Black Wall Street is arguably one of the most iconic historical communities in Black History yet it's legacy of excellence is not being taught to our youth. The first time I learned about Black Wall Street was in my first African American History class in college, even that class spoke mostly of the tragic destruction of the community rather then it's 30 years of growth and excellence. How will the next generation learn about Black Wall Street? How will the next generation learn the importance of entrepreneurship and economic empowerment? Black Wall Street The Board Game aims to take the historical context of Northern Tulsa and teach it’s ideals through a family fun board game.

Why a Board Game?

It’s simple, board games are fun! When I think of fun family gatherings like family reunions or major holidays games are always being played. Games are already a part of my family’s culture so when thinking about how to spread knowledge and information to my family a game seemed like the perfect vehicle.Spades teaches its players long term strategy and teamwork. Dominoes teaches it’s players basic addition and the importance of having wooden tables. Black Wall Street The Board Game will teach its players money management, the importance of entrepreneurship, and Black history.

What Does Black Wall Street Represent?

Around 1897, only a generation after the emancipation proclamation which legally freed slaves in Southern States, a small black community began to build. In a world before hip hop, sports, and Instagram Black families were able to accrue wealth by creating and supporting local businesses. Madam CJ Walker’s Beauty Salon, William’s Dreamland Theatre, Stradford Hotel, and Booker T. Washington High School are a few examples of establishments that thrived in the Northern Tulsa community. Imagine what could be built today! To me; Black Wall Street represents the ideal society, a society I would be proud to be a part of, and a society I would love for my future children to be raised in. A society where education is valued and entrepreneurship is supported. Black Wall Street represents the American Dream achieved by the African American family.

Black Wall Street The Board Game Coming Soon...

This project has been in the developing stages since July 2017. What started off as just an idea has now been developed into a real game through interviewing community leaders, educators, and families. I have played the game 5 times, and have regretfully lost 4 times to my queen to be. Something is clearly going on here! We are in the final stages of production and will be selling the game to the public September 2018. We would love to have you join our Facebook Group to get more information and watch our video updates. We have come a long way since last July (2017) and look forward to the long road we have ahead.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found the concept of Black Wall Street The Board Game interesting. But do you think it can work? Can important lessons really be taught through a board game? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Stay True.

De’Von T. Walker


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