Black Wall Street The Board Game: Second Edition Updates

Wow, is all we can say for the love and support we have received for this project thus far! We sold out of First Edition games in a little over a month. We are so thankful for the community’s support. Many folks have reached out to see what will be different for the Second Edition, including folks who bought the First Edition and want to know if its worth getting another.This blog post is meant to walk through what you can expect from the Second Edition of Black Wall Street The Board Game.

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Better Quality

The most exciting aspect of the Second Edition overall is the improvement of quality. It may be hard to notice at first glance but this next edition is a beauty. Starting with the box! We were able to add a graphic timeline to the back of the box and wording on the side of the box that make the overall packaging more fun for consumers. The money in the Second Edition is also bigger and better quality then the First Edition. The rule book is even printed on a higher quality paper. All around we wanted to make sure we did the legacy of Black Wall Street justice with the Second Edition of the game.

Additional Education and Activities

We received feedback from several people requesting additional information on how to start a business. This is great! The goal of the game was definitely to motivate African American entrepreneurship. Inside of the rulebook we have added some activities, sample documents, and infographics to give players more insight into starting a business. As mentioned in the rulebook players should do additional research and consult professionals before starting their ventures. But we hope through playing the game and completing the activities provided players will feel more confident to start their entrepreneurial journey.


The updates made to the rule book make the game more educational and practical. This is more than a game it is an educational tool.

More detailed Instructions

It has been very entertaining to receive emails, Instagram DMs, and even phone calls from people arguing over the rules of the game. Though we enjoy settling live debates we took a second look at the instructions to see how we can make them more clear and even gave examples of problematic situations.

Bigger Board

Another small change we made was to the board size. The First Edition boards were 11” x 17”. We had some community members reach out and say the board was a little small to read. It really hit home when my Grandmother, or Grandy as I call her, had the same feedback. For the Second Edition we wanted to make sure the game was accessible but still fit within a reasonably sized box so we increased the board to 13” x 17”. We hope the additional 2 inches will make the game more accessible.


The board for Black Wall Street The Board Game has stayed the same for the most part. We only made it bigger and better quality

More affordable

The change that most customers will be happy to know is that we are currently selling the game for just $40.00! Board Games are surprisingly expensive to make especially if you are not selling high quantities. The prototypes that we gave away for free to early supporters cost us $65 each to produce. We sold our First Edition games for $50. This was our official market validation. Now that we know there is a market for this game and customers are willing to pay $50 we were able to invest more up front and produce more games. Typically the more products you produce at one time the lower your manufacturing costs are. So we will be selling the Second Edition game, the higher quality game with bigger board for just $40.00! This promotion will last through January, get your game today using discount code "Sankofa".


In closing this edition is poppin’! We have shown a few early supporters the new and improved game and have received very positive feedback. It’s a great feeling to be able to add more value and more quality to a product. This will be the last version of the game for at least the remainder of the year. Tell your friends about us and be sure to get yours today!


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