Mission vs Vision

Defining your company’s or your personal mission and vision can help focus your efforts. You have come to the right place! In this blog, we will give you the key differences between your Mission and your Vision as well as ask you some guiding questions to help you define each respectively. While defining these terms for your companies it can be equally powerful to define these terms in regards to you as a person. Let’s get to it!

What is Your Mission?

Your personal or business Mission should be centered around ACTION. While we feel like the action is the main part of your mission there are 3 total parts. First, who do you or who does your company serve? Every company should have a target market or target audience. For Play Black Wall Street our target market is Black Parents with children age 8-18, or Black Families more generally. Who is your market?

The next part of your mission is, what does your company do or sell? What does your company contribute or provide to your target audience? For Play Black Wall Stree it is gamified education, with Black Wall Street The Board Game being the first product we will build upon. What does your business contribute to the market? Again very powerful to also think about yourself in this light. What is your superpower/skill? What value do you bring to the world? Everyone has something!

The last part of the mission is communicating what makes your company different from the rest. If there are 100 board game businesses why would a customer choose to spend their money with Play Black Wall Street? Why would a customer choose to spend money with you? It could be how your company gives back. It could be how your products are sourced or manufactured. Think of something that can help your business stand out!

Try answering the below questions to define your mission.

Who is your target audience?

What service or product will you provide this audience?

What makes your company different from the competition? (Assuming there are other businesses that sell your product or provide your service)

Defining Your Vision

Now that you have your Mission clarified let us move on to the vision! Your personal or company Vision should be centered around long term objectives. We see objectives as goals you would like to accomplish or change you would like to see done through your company. What impact do you what to have? What problem do you want to solve?


For Play Black Wall Street we see the economic health of the Black Community and want to be a part of the solution by increasing financial literacy, homeownership, business ownership, and the overall economic landscape of the Black Family in America. Although we appear to be a gaming company the vision is to have a real community impact. How will your company or how will you as a person impact the community for the better?

Try answering the below questions to define your vision.

What problem(s) does your company aim to solve?

If your company is successful in everything that it does how would it impact the community?

What Nonprofit organizations would be good partners for your company?


Take Action on Your Mission and Vision

Please remember to always take action on the information you absorb. You came here to clarify the difference between your mission and your vision. Or you came here to sharpen your understanding of them. Answer the questions mapped out in this blog and take action! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Would a video on this also be helpful? Let us know in the comments!

Remember. Relearn. Rebuild.

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