Sherry Gamble Smith President of Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce Found Dead

Sherry Gamble Smith, President of the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce was found dead in her home in Bixby, Oklahoma on the morning July 6th. Her husband was found severely injured and transported to the hospital but did not make it. No suspects have been named and no investigation has been opened.

Sherry Gamble Smith Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street aka Greenwood is a historically Black owned community that was almost burnt and destroyed in the Black Wall Street Massacre in 1921. Today the legacy of Black Wall Street is kept alive by community members and leaders like Sherry Gamble Smith. It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that the President of the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce and former President of the Greenwood Rising Historical Center has become an ancestor.

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President Smith was known in the community for spearheading the Annual Juneteenth celebration in Greenwood. Phil Armstrong the Interim Director of The Greenwood Rising Historical Center says "She was an incredible person that constantly thought about putting others before herself.”

Our Trip to Greenwood

We will share additional information as it is revealed. For now please pray for the family and community of Greenwood.

We will Rebuild.



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