Second Edition of Black Wall Street the Board Game is Discontinued

Hello, beautiful community! Today, I come bearing news that is both sad and exciting. As we stand on the threshold of innovation and improvement, we want to take a moment to honor the legacy of our beloved Second Edition of Black Wall Street the Board Game, created in 2019, and make room for a new edition.

Black Wall Street the Board Game with words on how to play

If you are new to our community we started Play Black Wall Street in 2017 with our First Edition of the game. We started with a simple goal of returning to the UCLA Village Nation Uni Camp with a game to help expose students to the history of Tulsa's. Black Wall Street in a fun way. 6 Years later our game has been played and celebrated all around the world and is being used in classrooms as an education tool.

The Second Edition has been a vessel of knowledge, carrying the rich history of Tulsa's Black Wall Street into homes and hearts, fostering financial literacy and a profound appreciation of Black history. It has been a journey of dice, decisions, and discoveries. If you have been apart of that journey in anyway,; thank you.

However, the time has come to bid farewell to the Second Edition. Based on the invaluable feedback from you, our cherished community, we are on a mission to enhance and elevate the game. We have been working for months on game improvements and new educational resources to enrich your experience. Our vision is clear: to craft a game that stands as our new Flagship, embodying excellence, education, and engagement.

De'Von Truvel and Sinclair Founders of Play Black Wall Street holding Black Wall Street the Board Board in Tulsa

We have fewer than 100 Second Editions left in stock. After these games are sold out we will no longer print the Second Edition of the game. You may wonder how different the next edition will be. If I have a second edition will I need the new edition. Was that what you were thinking? If so keep an eye out for Social Media and Blog posts going through the updates to the new edition. In general if you have a second edition you will not NEED this new version but there are some valuable and functional updates being made.

The new edition of the game will be released in Black History Month 2024. For those excited to claim their game preorders will open in January after the holiday season. 

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each of you who has been a part of this journey. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and support have been the wind beneath our wings, guiding us towards excellence. Together, as a community, we have paid homage to the legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street.

In the spirit of unity and community, we invite you to be part of this exciting transition. Your insights, suggestions, and ideas are welcome. Please make sure you follow us on Instagram and Subscribe to our youtube channel to see all the updates and provide your feedback. Together, we will create a game that is not just played but will shift the culture.


We Will Rebuild.

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