Top 20 Black-Owned Games for the Holidays

Looking to support Black Businesses and have fun at the same time? Today we’re going to review the top 20 black-owned board games created by the Black Excellist Youtube Channel.  Do you think this list includes Black Wall Street  the Board Game? Let’s dive into the world of black-owned board games and find out. Share this post with a friend.

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  1. TRAP SNATCH - Trap Snatch by Chris and Rachel Grigore is a fun guessing game that honors black culture and history. This is the newest edition of their premiere game trap wars but with a whole new vibe. Teams play by giving hints for their members to guess the word on the card the quickest without using the trap phrases or your card might get snatched. The best part of the game is the wild card collection that keeps every round unexpected.


  1. WINSULTS – known to be the roasting card game it has almost the same game discipline as cards against humanity the only difference is, you win by roasting your opponent. The knowledge and relationship-testing, ultimately hilarious insult card game. We all know how this saying goes “If you don't have anything nice to say” – well, you know the rest. The card game with a vicious streak that Lanee Higgins and Davon Ford created encourages players to let their wicked wit fly in the name of good fun. Each player chooses a card to reveal the letter of the alphabet they will use to roast their opponent. They can be as goofy, snarky, or scathing as they like. You have 45 seconds to come up with as many insults as possible beginning with the letter you've picked, and score points. There will be taunting, inside jokes, and airing of grievances, so be ready to feel the heat and laugh out loud.


  1. TRADING RACES – A new card game may be the perfect mindful party activity. Tech coordinator Kenyatta Forbes invented Trading Races, a card game that challenges the blackness of the card's subjects. "To start the game, each player draws five cards," Forbes states on Kickstarter. "A random player plays a card. Everyone else puts down a black card in their hands. The game creates a conversation about what makes one individual “blacker” than another.


  1. BRILLIANT OR BS – This is a trivia guessing game made by Camellia Weathersmith, it’s a modern take on our usual guessing games. Do you have a good "BS detector?" In this humorous trivia game, you'll find out if you can spot when your friends are trying to fool you and how well you know their tricks. This game includes 88 trivia cards and can be played by 4 to 6 players from ages 14 and above. You're supposed to read a trivia question and then act as judge, jury, and executioner while the other players answer the question in secret and try to convince you they're right. Figure out who's honest and who's just blowing smoke to come out on top.


  1. BLACK WALL STREET THE BOARD GAME – A game made by De’Von Truvel – Inspired by the real events and businesses that happened in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.   Black Wall Street: The Board Game is a great way to learn about financial literacy and black history at the same time! Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma was one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in the United States, and its history and companies served as inspiration for this game.

What are the rules?

Pieces on the board are moved around the board by rolling dice. As you go, you'll eventually come across historic businesses from Tulsa's Black Wall Street, at which point you'll have the option to either "Use" the business as a customer or "Buy" the business as an owner. Profits from player-owned LLCs and Corporations can be reinvested into more business purchases.

You can choose to either buy or use businesses, but either way, if you want to win you need to invest!


  1. FIQUESTIONS – A game by Makiba Masi, financial IQ envisions communities in which all people have the proper access, usage, and availability of financial products and services at an affordable price to that end fiq presents a game of financial independence questions to assist in changing the narrative on the discussion around finances it’s 69 thought-provoking questions will help you learn how and why you behave the way you do with money and understand the psychological factors that are influencing your thoughts

  1. KULTURE KARAOKE – A game by Day Fenwick, When the game's designer wanted to spice up her birthday celebration with friends and family at a local karaoke lounge, she had everyone draw a card based on song categories. The guests then chose a song to sing depending on the categories they had drawn. A variant of the game is played as a competition to see who can come up with the best song choice for a given category.

  1. PIN 2 WIN! – A game by Sharon Ennis, pin to win hopes to revive the age-old custom of spending evenings together with loved ones playing board games Challenge your friends and family with your knowledge of the Bible and seven other areas of life, including camping, health and fitness, recreation, the world, missions, arts and crafts, bible facts, nature, and pin to win, in this Christian-based game that uses multiple-choice questions and face-to-face interaction.

  1. UNIVERSITY OF DOPE – A game by A.V Perkins and Marion Ando, University of Dope is the first game to celebrate hip-hop culture with a target audience mainly consisting of urban millennials and anyone else that adores the golden age of hip-hop university of dope will assist your house party's entertaining needs by creating a lively environment for their guessing all things hip-hop

  1. TRIAL AND TRIUMPH – A game by April Prayer, As a black parent, you may be hoping for an additional tool to educate your black son on how circumstances can play out if he ever finds himself interacting with the criminal justice system. This groundbreaking tool, built by a 21-year-old criminal defense attorney, could save your son's life and help you get home safely after an interaction with the police.

  1. RHYME ANTICS – This game is designed by Chantelle Callaway, this is a hilarious rhyming vocabulary game inspired by hip hop that challenges players to think to the beat while freestyling improper English-only rhyme antics using difficulty levels of rhyming and vocabulary words combined with music to develop each player's fluid intelligence players engage in a friendly battle of words while learning and engaging in a good time the game includes over 12 000 vocabulary words including S.A.T words


  1. BLACK CARD REVOKED – Is a card game made by Leticia Williams this may be the most popular black-owned card game on the market even so much so that BT created a tv show from it black card revoked is a nostalgia field game celebrating American black popular culture it's bound to invoke hilarious debates among young and old alike this exciting and often thought-provoking game tests your knowledge of black American pop culture and be careful because if you give too many wrong answers and start to make us black folks look too bad you may just get your black card revoked. 

  1. PHASE 10 – By Kenneth Johnson, the game is the rummy-type card game from the makers of UNO with a challenging and exciting twist the object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 varied phases the twist is that each phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt to players who complete one phase advance to the next but those who don't must keep trying until they do each deck features wild and skip cards like UNO which add excitement and can help you get out of a sticky situation.

  1. TATTOO STORIES – tattoo stories is a drawing party game in which your art skills don't matter in a series of quick tattoo competitions each player has a dry erase board and marker on which to draw their tattoos the customer chooses five cards containing tattoo elements that should be included in their tattoo the tattoo artists have three minutes to ask the customer questions and create their tattoo the customer awards the tattoo artist who is the most creative with each of the five elements.

  1. MONSDRAWSITY – by Eric Slauson, is a Pictionary-style game where players draw creatures in the hopes of earning points everyone is playing the role of a sketch artist who must sketch the monster that another player witnessed the witness player has20 seconds to memorize the important features of the monster card and then will make their best attempt to describe the creature to the sketch artist everyone votes on who's the closest to drawing the actual monster and the sketch artist with the most points wins.


  1. DESIGN EYE – Dion Nixon made this game seem as if you are a student competing for acceptance into a prestigious design school called Haas and must build a strong portfolio to get in learning about the major disciplines and fundamentals of graphic design sketch your ideas and present them to your opponents for critique or speed test your design knowledge with flashcards doing both earn you points to game portfolio cards the first to finish building their portfolio wins gets accepted into the Haas. This is a great game for improving your graphic design skills along with your knowledge in creating an effective portfolio.


  1. KEPLER RUN – made by Orion Mcclelland, imagine it is the dawn of interstellar travel for man new technologies have been developed which allow interstellar star pilots to overcome challenges like stellar debris warped space, and black holes – In Kepler run you play an independent space runner attempting to win the most riches for yourself Kepler run is ideal as a filler game it's great if you're waiting for a drink at a pub or waiting for friends to arrive for a game night.


  1. CRAZY UNCLE CHARLIE – by John Ball, in crazy uncle, Charlie players will assume the role of cousins who are pitted against each other during the game players will take turns placing the cards in the form of poly amino shapes for various scoring opportunities score conditions can be claimed once there are shapes that match the pattern indicated by the polyomino.

  1. SAY IT LOUD – Quita Bess designed this to be a fun team party game that includes six noisemakers and more than 300 black culture clues that span decades of music, movies, tv, literature, the arts, and more it is played between two teams, and with one game host say it loud is one with the collective knowledge of your team and the luck of the cards this party game bridges generations and goes back to the basics when people came together to play cards and other games at home.


  1. BLITZ CHAMP – Adrian Smith made this game a fun and competitive card game based on the sport of football that teaches strategy and reinforces math skills this football based game involves players racing to become the first to score 21 points with them playing offense and defense cards to advance or stymie the opponent blitz champs takes two minutes to learn and can be played by two to six people blitz champs was selected as a national parenting product award winner and is a perfect game for both boys and girls football fans and non-football fans alike.


There you have it, the list of the top 20 Black Owned Games by the Black Excellist. Which game are you getting for your family this holiday season? Share this post with a friend and buy a Black made game today.

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