Introduction to Afrofuturism Course

Introduction to Afrofuturism Course

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Introduction of Afrofuturism will introduce you to the empowering genre, provide examples of Afrofuturist Creators, the 7 Elements of Afrofuturism, and how you can apply the genre in your life. Enroll in this Black Studies course today.

Course Outcomes

  1. Review Prominent Afrofuturist Artists, Authors, and Contributors 
  2. Analyze the 7 Elements of Afrofuturism 
  3. Understand the Concepts and Power of Afrofuturism  
  4. Apply Afrofuturism Concepts to life and perception

Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, scientific philosophy, and historical philosophy that investigates the ongoing interaction between African diaspora culture and technology while taking a critical look at society. 

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