Tulsa's Black Wall Street Course

Tulsa's Black Wall Street Course

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Tulsa's Building Black Wall Street Course takes a look at the early history, financial lessons, and historical figures behind  Tulsa's Black Wall Street. The course will go through the history of Tulsa's Black Wall Street and give a bonus to aspiring entrepreneurs.



Course Time

1 hour

Course Outcomes

  1. Review Prominent Black Leaders and Business Folks
  2. Analyze How each entrepreneur was able to be successful
  3. Understand basic financial and business concepts
  4. Think Critically about lessons you can apply from the legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street
  5. Bonus: Learn the 7 steps to launching your business

Course Facilitation

The Course is available online and is prerecorded. Students and parents can consume at any time.

Course Includes

  • Study Guide
  • Course Slides and Presentation
  • Course Quiz
  • 1 hour of Course Content

Scholar Ages

12+ recommended

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