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Meet De'Von Truvel

CCreator of Black Wall Street The Board Game and Lead Instructor of Play Black Wall Street Academy. De'Von has a degree from the University of California Davis and a deep passion for helping people embrace and achieve their dreams. In addition to De'Von, scholars will be exposed to weekly guests ranging from Fashion Brand Founders, Educational Leaders, and Financial Professionals.


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Signed Book

This book reviews the vision to create a Black Future Month using 7 Principles based on West Afrikan Adinkra Symbols.

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Free Black Wall Street Game

Each accepted and Registered scholar will receive a welcome package with a Free Black Wall Street Board Game and our "OWNERSHIP" hat. This game will help promote the terms and concepts taught in the course.

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Access to Mentors

Scholars will have access to weekly mentors in ranging professions. All guests are passionate about youth development and have a wealth of industry specific information.

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Curriculum Overview

De'Von Truvel - The Mind is a powerful tool.

"Black Future Month is a powerful piece of literature that can truly make a difference in our community."

Delton Walker, Los Angeles

"We love Black Wall Street The Board Game, my kids keep asking to play!"

Cooper Family, USA

"De'Von is always energetic, has good vibes, and cares about the students."

Katrina, Oakland

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