Black Wall Street the Board Game Rule Book
Masterpiece Edition: Black Wall Street the Board Game
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Black Wall Street the Board Game Rule Book

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You have asked for it and they are finally here and available. If you have purchased Black Wall Street the Board Game but have lost the rule book or you just want to have a digital copy here it is!

As we create new versions on the game we willl upload the new copies here for your convenience. Although there is a LOT of value and activities added to the rule book of our games we will keep this tool available for free download on our website.

Please be sure to download the correct rule book for the edition you have as some rules have been updated throughout the years and gameplay changes across the different editions of the game.


1. Does the game come with the rule book?

Yes, if you have purchased the game or are planning on purchasing the game there is one rule book already included. If you would like digital access to the rule book for the activities or on-the-go review you can download it here.

2. Does the rule book come with a game?

No, this is a free digital copy of the rule book. It does not come with digital access to the game or a physical board game.

3. Why do you need my email?

The digital copy of the rule book will be made available to you via email. A download link should also appear after checkout.

4. How often do the rules change?

With each edition of the game, the rules will be updated slightly. Usually to add more scenarios and context for the slick players out there that try to find loopholes. The fundamental gameplay will not change for this game.

5. What is the Classic Edition and when will it be available?

The Classic Edition is the final evolution of our Second Edition game. We have made some small but intentional improvements and changes to the game design based on feedback from our community. Since these changes will change the look and experience we decided to rename this improved edition to the Classic Edition. This game has been made available starting February 2024.

6. If I already have the Second Edition or Masterpiece do I need the Classic Edition?

That depends. The Masterpiece and Classic Editions will be and play very differently so you will likely want both games. If you already have the Second Edition the Classic will not be a huge jump. We are making the font larger, adding more blocks, adding additional activities to the rule book, and updating the box design. If these things are valuable to you, then we invite you to get the new edition of the game!

7. Will you still sell the Second Edition?

No, the second edition will no longer be made or sold and instead, we will sell the Classic Edition of the game.