Financial Flash Cards for Kids
Financial Flash Cards for Kids

Financial Flash Cards for Kids

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Introducing our Rose and Rodney Financial Literacy Flashcards! Help your children develop essential money skills in a fun and engaging way.

Designed with captivating illustrations featuring commissioned art by Sharard X, these flashcards make learning about finances a breeze!

From budgeting to saving, investing to entrepreneurship, each card presents a key financial concept and definition. Cards come with fun images on  one side and definitions on the other.

Empower your kids with the knowledge they need for a brighter financial future. Invest in their education today with the Rose and Rodney Financial Literacy Flashcards!



What ages are these cards for?

Ages 6+ with adult support

How many cards come in the pack?

Featuring 27 financial terms and 1 bonus Holographic Black History Figure per pack

What kind of financial terms will my scholar learn?

Example of Terms - Tax, Income, Inflation, Customer, etc

What are the holographic Black History Figure cards?

Bonus Cards featuring notable Black History Figure Portraits such as Madam CJ Walker the first Female Millionaire in American, OW Gurley the visionary founder of Tulsa's Black Wall Street, and more! These collectible Portraits were created  by Sharard X.

When will these cards ship?

Pre-orders for this item will end August 13th. Shipping will begin August 14th 2023. We only have 250 copies for this first round of cards. Please let us know how you like the cards and what changes you would like to see to our flash cards in the future.